Some introductions to the Path of Exile Heist

  • Path of Exile is a constantly evolving game. For seven years, Grinding Gear Games still regularly redefines its main functions by quarterly expansion. The Heist update released on September 18 may be the biggest since the huge 2017 "Fallen Orias". Operating throughout the new town, players will plan high-risk, high-reward robberies with all newly recruited NPC criminals.

    Heist is the latest update to be released in Path of Exile. Players can unlock the rogue port in the game and hire some bandits to steal artifacts. During normal gameplay, players will collect two new types of items: contracts and tokens. The contract is the document needed to start planning the robbery. The token is a criminal currency that you can use to pay. You will also get the corresponding POE Currency when you complete the robbery. But if you want to get the treasure, you need to hire a professional.

    In this update, full voiceovers will be provided for 13 new characters. Four of them dominate the port, but the other nine can be recruited, upgraded, equipped and taken on looting tasks. The treasure house is behind a complex security system, and you will need specialized locks, engineering and demolition experts to circumvent these defenses.

    The behavior of the predators is completely different from the normal operation of the "Path of Exile". This is when you are not going to clean the place. Every battle you participate in, every treasure is shattered, and every sound you make will improve the safety of the building. If you maximize the safety limit, start the countdown until you close the treasure vault permanently and fill the area with guards so that your goal is to reach the goal relatively quietly. You get the goods (and other items you can carry) and try to escape.

    Outside of the "hard core" model, the "Path of Exile" can usually completely forgive death, but not so much here. If you can safely remove the stolen items from the building, you can only take them away, and there is a lot of space in the inventory, so you should choose the stolen items carefully.

    Although "Path of Exile" always has minions to be summoned, "Heist" is the first time players can hire and work with customizable NPCs, and should become the Diablo-style Hireling AI in future updates. Interesting test bed for work, perhaps from the content of Path of Exile 2. Although some people may worry that joining members of the AI ??party will become a frustrating escort mission, Grinding Gear explained that during the robbery mission, if you hire help through Buy POE Currency, you will not be killed. However, their work may be interrupted, so if they try to pick up the lock or blast the safety door from the hinge, you will provide cover. For now, at least, I like to think of them as moving targets that can be customized over time (like everything else in the game).

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