Players are not satisfied with the NBA 2K21 character design

  • It is difficult to make realistic faces in video games. For each of the 30 NBA teams, the size of this is about 15 people, which is even more difficult. Nevertheless, NBA 2K21 developer Visual Concepts did it. When fans started the game for the first time on release day, they found that they were different from the Golden State Warriors small forward Andrew Wiggins, who has won multiple championships.

    NBA 2K21 released yesterday has both a standard version and a Mamba Forever version to commemorate the latest NBA All-Star Kobe.

    NBA 2K21 MT can help players get these star roles faster. Unless the game has caused a controversial price increase due to the release of PS5 and Xbox Series X, the game has been popular so far. The game looks great because it must be released before the next generation of consoles. In addition to Andrew Wiggins (Andrew Wiggins), he also has the unique facial features of the previous generation.

    When someone sees him on the court during a game, maybe they may not notice, but after careful inspection, Wiggins' beard looks very unrealistic. This has led to dozens or more tweets mocking his digital beard, and some comments compared it with a beard drawn with a felt-tip pen.

    Developer Visual Concepts, publisher 2K or Andrew Wiggins, a victim of low-resolution beards, has not yet commented on social media. There are many explanations for the way beards are formed. The simplest is that this is just an oversight. Although this is a strange oversight, he believes that Wiggins is a player in a team that has won 3 games in the past 5 championships.

    When scanning the player’s face and putting it into a sports game, usually the developer’s 3D artist needs to do a lot of cleanup work, especially on the hair. Facial scanning technology is not always able to capture 3D hair. So it may be that developers just don't have time to do it.

    This may also be just a mistake. In any case, it may be patched in the near future, and it is hoped that the bad beard will be more prominent in the improved graphics before the next-generation version covered by Zion Williamson comes out.

    Before solving the beard problem, I hope that fans can at least enjoy the rest of the game. The strongest gaming experience that

    NBA 2K21 MT brings to players is irreplaceable. Perhaps while listening to two new 2K21 songs by Damian Lillard, a cover player of the current era.

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