Some important items in the Path of Exile: Heist

  • The Path of Exile: Heist will be released on September 18. In this update, the player needs to complete the heist, but if you want to successfully complete the heist, the player must keep some thieves in the rogue port to help them. After the heist is completed, the player will receive rewards and POE Currency. Next, we will introduce some items that should be used in the robbery.

    What plays a big role in these projects is the replacement skill gem. Replacing ordinary gem quality will increase specific aspects of the skill, replacing advanced gems will use the same skills, but will increase different aspects. The quality of a gem usually increases the chance of a critical strike. The alternative quality version will increase the original attack damage.

    These rewards are unique to the heist, and only one player can get an item from the heist. In the cooperative version of "Grand Heist", only players who signed a contract can choose "spare quality gems" or "dungeon only items", but they can trade any of them to friends, and friends can rob the inside of the black case Treasure room. Grinding Gear Games hopes to adopt a "tat-to-tat" cooperative approach-a theme-appropriate "scratch my back, I scratch you" method to alternate robbery.

    Heist also introduced the first new device slot in the history of Path of Exile: trinkets. For Heist, the accessory slot can only improve various mechanisms related to Heist. But according to Grinding Gear Games, the studio hopes to use Heist as a testing ground for garbage. If the player likes the new mechanic, it may appear in the game as a permanent tool in the near future. In this update, players can also Buy POE Orbs to get more gadgets.

    As always, the Heist update provides additional quality of life features for the rest of the path of exile. Grinding Gear Games has improved certain curses and various aspects of steel spells in the game.

    With the help of Heist, Path of Exile also received Mac OS support. Players can use their "Path of Exile" account to jump between the two versions of the game without having to start over on the Mac, thus keeping progress anytime, anywhere.

    Heist landed on the Windows PC and Mac versions of "Path of Exile" on September 18, and the console update will be released on September 23.

(200 symbols max)

(256 symbols max)