2K21 cover athlete Damian Lillard complains about the game on T

  • A few days have passed since the release of NBA 2K21, and it is no surprise that quite a few users have raised concerns about this game. This update is not perfect as planned, and even Madden 21 Coins cannot restore the popularity of the public. One such player is the 2K21 screen player himself, Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers.

    Lillard took to Twitter to complain about the game’s new features and improved batting instrument function, and Lillard has not yet fully mastered it.

    Lillard may now be one of the best players in the NBA, but even he is struggling for this year's NBA 2K series. To make matters worse, the Trail Blazers superstar has not even made a free throw in the game, which shows how complicated the shooting device has evolved in 2K21.

    Now that he is officially on vacation, Lillard has some free time. The Trail Blazers withdrew in the first round of the playoffs, thanks to the most seeded Los Angeles Lakers.

    Portland actually won the first game of the series, which led many to believe that the Trail Blazers could actually put the mighty Lakers in trouble. In the end, Lillard and his company were defeated by the strong LA team and eventually lost four games in the series.

    Despite the early exit, this has been a far cry from Damian Lillard's outstanding performance since the restart. He is the best player on the Disney World campus because he led the Blazers to the Western Conference finals. Lillard was awarded the bubble MVP, few people would say that he shouldn't get that honor.

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