The impact of the alert in the Path of Exile Heist

  • Many operations will affect the alarm level. Killing an enemy has little effect on the alarm level, while opening the reward box and side gallery will have a greater impact. This means you must weigh how much POE Currency you want to carry before reaching the artifact. We have specially designed the alliance, So you can kill a lot of monsters and loot a lot of items without getting too much, don’t worry. “

    In “Path of Exile Heist”, certain traitor skills in your team will increase the alert level, possibly explosions and broken doors.

    “During the heist, you can move at a relatively normal speed, but once the alarm level reaches a critical level, pass some guards to avoid triggering the alarm. Regarding the alarm level, all you have to do is pay attention to how many reward boxes you want Open on the road to artifacts. If we eventually discover them, are the many rewards worth it?”

    “At the highest alarm level, the alarm goes off. This means you have a short time to steal the building and the cordon before stealing all items, including cultural relics. Once the building is closed by the cordon, you can no longer Steal things, but even with guards, if you take them to the exit, you can escape with the stolen goods you already have.

    If you did not steal the artifact, but still escaped, there will be no signal, but you will still have the rest of the loot. In addition, you cannot experience your own rebellious skills or collect important information.

    If you are only dealing with regular items and do not want to take part in the heist, you can start the heist, steal as much as possible, until you reach the highest alarm level, and then escape.

    Creatures also affect the alert level. With a bunch of creatures, you will attract more guards' attention compared to other buildings, which means that killing them will raise the alert level faster. As mentioned above, killing guards will affect the target. Compared with other actions during the heist, the alert level is only slightly increased. Many guards are also located on the other side of the door, so you can decide whether you want buy POE Items to attack them. Whether to fight with creatures. "

    If the alarm is triggered, the escape time is limited, otherwise there will be no timer on the way to or from the building. In this case, the timer will start to show how long you can strip the item before that time period, with guards around.

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