Path of Exile: Defeating the Harvest Heart of Grove

  • Path of Exile: Harvest allows players to easily do things or choose high-risk and high-return methods, especially POE Currency. However, the latter is a forest, so you cannot walk in the park. By the way, we know you need help to cheer up. For this, some basic skills need to be kept in mind.

    Before you stop your heart, you must first grow your woods. For this, you need to plant level 4 seeds, and for this, you need to plant level 3 seeds around the crops. When you finally grow a fully mature crop of the same color, that's the harvest time of the Path of Exile!

    Defeat the monsters of level 4 seeds, and you have a chance to eventually become the heart of the forest. It looks easy to grow because it does not require watering, but you need 100 maps, which is not easy.

    If you can complete it but fail to beat it, rest assured, it will happen again. However, we all know how much time and resources you will need again, so it is a shame. Fortunately, this is exactly what we are trying to ensure that it does not happen again. After winning, you will finally get delicious PoE currency.

    The boss of Grove Hearts is not a plastic surgeon, because he is a shaper-level boss. Compared with the long-running POE boss (which has become the benchmark for many PoE versions), its only drawback is that the Heart boss is fixed.

    However, that just means that if you choose to stay away from him, he will not be able to approach you. She can reposition herself through invisible teleportation. However, fortunately, Grinding Gear Games finally solved the problem encountered before the boss was teleported by placing an icon on the map where the boss of Heart was.

    You need to pay attention to the boss of Heart of Grove. Thankfully, this is easy because they are color-coded: orange will sprinkle a divine suffering on the ground, a yellow spot that will spread and cause harm . Before completing this skill, break the wall. Violet will summon a thorny orb that shoots projectiles. Cover up to avoid damage. The green will use a rattan hammer, which will cause AOE ripples when it hits the ground. Fortunately, she will charge first, so you have enough time to get rid of the interference. Blue will use a volatile orchard, which emits snakes and turns into a ball that causes damage. Escape them. Thankfully, like her other spells, they all have charging time, which means you will also have enough time to get rid of the interference. Beware of these actions and cause a lot of damage, you can definitely defeat Grove Heart.

    Moreover, if you don't just want to beat Grove's heart, but you can also complete the challenge, the best way is to buy POE Trade to gain your heart. Each skill has four achievements, so please do your best to get that achievement and the bragging rights that come with it.

    With this expertise, we hope you can successfully perform heart surgery. After all, you worked hard in Path of Exile, which is why you should win this victory.

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