How to build a poisonous cavalry in the path of exile

  • The way to build poisonous rangers in the path of exile is to take the ranger destruction route with projectile damage in order to clear them as soon as possible. Once the game starts to get harder, Ranger will rebuild their passive tree to focus more on the early tank passives to increase their dodge chances, reduce damage and increase their HP.

    When acquiring the defense statistics of the early game, players will also get increased POE Currency, agility characteristics, etc. Then, you will invest passive skill points further up the tree and get more chaos damage bonuses to complete the scaling part of the poisonous rain generation.

    Players usually switch their passive skills when entering new types of content. As you start to enter higher levels and more difficult late game content, this version should emphasize defense statistics rather than certain early offensive statistics. This is to make the build relevant to the type of content you want to deal with after leveling.

    Toxic Rangers rely on general gains in equipment and passive weapons over time. With this in mind, many gems are focused on support capabilities. The first gem is a toxic rainwater gem. The other five gems should be vicious projectile support and damage support for DoT, followed by chaos damage support, void manipulation support, swift pain support for increased DoT damage, and lethal food support.

    In later stages, elevated privileges will enter the game. "Nature's Revenge" is the first manual to get started because it will increase the degree of damage and thus benefit the constructed AOE. The Poison Master is the next popular advantage because it greatly benefits the Poison Chimney, which is the next core part of the Poison Ranger's equipment. The gift of nature makes the thermos easier and reduces the damage of the elements. Finally, under the action of the flask, natural adrenaline can provide extra movement and attack speed.

    The other external power source comes from the Pantheon. The main benefit of the Stinger Ranger is the soul of Solaris, because it works well with special effects/dodge effects. Other useful abilities are the same as Shakari, because it can reduce the damage of poison and chaos. However, agriculture that uses poisonous rangers benefits more from defensive statistics because they will cause enough AOE damage to equipment anyway.

    For every version in the game, spalling is an important part of the final game. The choice of Flask for Toxic Ranger depends on whether your building lacks mana regeneration, speed or damage. If you need speed to help navigate more challenging maps, Quicksilver Flask is a good choice.

    Having a fast attack speed bow is perfect for poisonous rangers, but you can still buy Path of Exile Currency to further strengthen your body. The glare of Lion's Eye is one of them, and its attack power and elemental damage are increased. It may take a lot of Chaos Chaos Ball to get the correct attributes, so please keep this in mind.

    "Toxic Ranger" is a relatively simple game style, which is a good choice for learners or novices in the new season.

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