Madden 21 Sim: Week 3, New York Giants vs. San Francisco 49ers

  • The New York Giants will face the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, so let's confirm the result with the "most advanced" Madden 21 Coins.

    Last week's "Crazy Sims" incorrectly predicted that the Giants will beat the Bears, but that doesn't mean we can't continue to test its accuracy. If the simulation fails this week, it may be good news for Giants fans.

    Daniel Jones and Nick Mullens failed to complete the game in the first quarter, and both teams started very slowly. Instead, they traded field goals until the Giants took a 6-3 lead.

    The Giants' lead didn't last long. Kendrick Bourne performed well in the 49ers' long touchdown relay. Another pass from the midfield gave the 49ers a 17-6 lead at halftime. For the Giants, the game looked ugly, and Jerich McKinnon pushed the score to 24-9 in the middle of the third quarter.

    After a long touchdown relay between Daniel Jones and Devonta Freeman, he almost called the Giants back to the game. The defensive station set up a heroic comeback attempt for Jones, but the Giants hope it will be crushed soon. In painful three-pointers and goals, Jones' errors continued to haunt Quan Alexander.

    The final score of the simulation was 24 wins and 16 losses to the 49ers, but the Giants unexpectedly won Niens from 419 yards to 341 yards.

    Although the new Giants may not play an important role in the first game against the Giants in Devonta Freeman's game, Madden predicts that both melee and scoring will reach 181 yards. This kind of performance is excellent. If players who like madden 21 want to turn things around in the game, Madden NFL 21 Coins are the most direct and convenient way.

    The year of the "Madman" simulation game is 1-1, and we will learn about its prediction results on Sunday.

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