Path of Exile-next chest steal upgrade and folding test

  • From September 18th, we can experience the latest league content in GGG ARPG in "Path of Exile: Heist". They are definitely interesting on paper: together with the colorful POE Currency, loot the treasure room, escape the guards and get rich. But in fact, the alliance still causes problems in many corners. Now, developers can get a glimpse of the situation behind the scenes and reveal the problems they are currently solving.

    The Grinding Gear Games team continues to improve the action/RPG path of exile in the recently launched Heist League. The developers will carefully read the player's feedback and prepare the next batch of changes.

    Now discuss how to increase experience points and discard items to kill the thief opponent. They want to focus on the escape phase. The size of the card will also reach the standard and will no longer exceed the level 1 card. This does not apply to higher levels, players have more space.

    Future updates should reduce the number of doors that require thieves skills on the main path. Tullina and Karst's "agility" speed increased. In addition, players will also face 2 new bosses and story missions. One more developer will be added next week.

    Other changes include increasing the cost of some rewards, improving the blueprint, and fixing problems with the portal returning to Rogue Harbor, crashes, and other annoying errors. In many cases, some troubles in the game can be solved by POE Items to ensure your progress in the game.

    The development team also shared the long-awaited status of allocating projects by part type. It will take longer than originally planned. But the chest part and the automatically assigned folder should still be released in the next few weeks. Internal testing will begin soon.

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