Madden 21: Russell Wilson makes another strong case for the 99

  • After last week’s snub, EA now has no excuse not to add Russell Wilson to Madden 21’s 99 Club.
    Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) experienced five more touchdowns, and as a result, the Seattle Seahawk quarterback broke the NFL pass touchdown record. In the game against the Dallas Cowboys, Wilson threw 5 touchdowns. He scored 14 times that year. It happens to be a new record for the NFL. If you want to behave like this in madden 21, you must own Madden 21 Coins.

    Wilson currently has the most shots in the first three games of the season and the most shots of any point guard in history. Oh, by the way, his record belongs to Patrick Mahomes II (Patrick Mahomes II), who previously broke the record with 13 transition goals in 2018.

    Did I mention that Mahomes had an overall score of 99 in Madden 21?

    Last week, I made the same point: Russell Wilson deserves to be Madden 21’s 99 club. However, for some reason, EA chose not to improve his score through the second week of roster update and kept his total score at 98. As a result, I have more ammunition-14 touchdowns in a year. 3-0 record. Take over the game in one hand and give the Seahawks a chance.

    This is not an outlier either. Russell Wilson has been doing this for many years.

    As I wrote before, last season he made 31 touchdowns and only made 5 interceptions-better than Patrick Mahomes. In case you miss it for the first time, Mahomes has an overall rating of 99.

    Wilson (Wilson) is about to enter another 30-odd touchdown season, which is a milestone he reached in the past three seasons. He is halfway there and we only have three games in the season.

    This guy is very special, he has an undeniable position in Madden's outstanding 99 club. At this time, what else does he need to prove? With the upcoming third week of Madden 21 update, I fully hope that Russell Wilson will score 99 points overall. If not, we will encounter problems. Just like in madden 21, not every game result can be satisfactory, but when you Buy Madden Coins it will be a different result.

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