Advertisement integrated into NBA 2K21 caused controversy

  • In recent years, the development of NBA 2K American basketball simulation franchise company has not been dimmed by this. Although it seems that they are not ready to leave the market leader's position, people's perception of NBA 2K21 MT's increasing gameplay cycle is very bad, and this year's 2K21 episode is no exception to the rules.

    It was only on October 19 that an untimely warning appeared in the advertisement that broke the camel's back and caused strong protests from the media and players, which shocked their basketball game. Actual favorite.

    The subject of the scandal is a series of advertisements that aired before the "NBA 2KTV" virtual show, which is a sponsored show by the publisher, which allows players to learn about the latest online fashion leading to the game within the loading time. According to the Stevivor website, ads on the PS4 and PC versions cannot pass: you have to wait for them to end before you can make a lineup selection.

    Obviously, since the major leagues crossed the Atlantic, the three night owls who were accustomed to chasing the major leagues that night all first knew the importance of advertising to the "products" sold by the NBA. However, from the start of a game broadcast by a certain television station in the United States to a simulation game interrupted by advertising clips, the difference between the two is very big.

    This is not the first time a chain store has tried to place such pop-up ads in games. Like last year, he tried for a while in the classic NBA 2K20 last year. Buy NBA 2K21 MT made this experience short, and this year's plan seems to have achieved similar results.

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