NBA 2K21-3 evolutions for the next generation to overheat fans

  • With the introduction of new next-generation game consoles, they also provide the option to play a new version of NBA 2K21. The game continues to develop, and the next generation of game consoles will be available soon! Xbox Series X/S has just been released, and PlayStation 5 is scheduled to be released on November 19.

    Obviously, the new generation of consoles has brought significant improvements on NBA 2K21 MT. The visual difference between the two versions is very obvious, and Take-Two Interactives invested a lot of money. You only need to look at Blake Griffin and Zach LaVine at first glance to realize this, although the most striking is Kobe Bryant. Amazing visual effects.

    NBA 2K has never stopped pursuing the requirements of authenticity in its simulation games, and 2K21 has taken a new step forward. Although the gameplay is often criticized, and the record of publishing games on current consoles has been repeatedly broken, but in the new version, we should have better control of the shot and at the same time better control of the ball. In general, everything you do in the field will be more specific.

    With the respect of all critics, basketball is also a contact sport. Furthermore, the physical principles of the game have been completely revised, which can provide more realism in terms of impact. There are no longer large dunkers spraying everything as they see fit, and there are no more "Kyle Lowry" players who abuse their load. Now the influence of Buy 2K MT will be more meaningful.

    Xbox players will be able to give the lucky ones their first impression today. On the other hand, there are still a few days waiting for the PlayStation player. The hype is rising.

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