EA Promises Big Changes for Madden 22 Franchise Mode

  • In the latest update, EA promised to update and upgrade the beloved Madden 21 Coins model in Madden NFL in a timely manner.

    The franchise model in Madden NFL games has always been a favorite of fans. This mode allows players to control their favorite team, and make roster changes, for the future draft, pull the trigger of a large number of trade agreements, and participate in the game this season, hoping to enter the playoffs and beyond. The changes to the franchise model in Madden NFL 21 seemed tedious, and fans were not particularly satisfied. But don't worry, "Madden NFL 22" will be more revolutionary.

    Yes, Madden NFL 22 is not a typo. Although Madden NFL 21 is imminent and scheduled to be released on August 25, 2020, this version will be released in about 13 months, which will bring the franchise model improvements that many people hope to see.

    EA responded to fans' negative feedback on Madden NFL 21 through a tweet, saying that the team is seeking to strengthen the franchise model of Madden NFL 21 and higher, and the key seems to be out of scope. In the recent update published on the EA website, the changes in the franchise model in Madden NFL 21 and 22 were highlighted. As far as this year's Madden is concerned, the debugger tools, trading logic, UI, customization, demos, etc. will be updated and fine-tuned. The update looks solid, but some content that fans have been asking for is being saved for the next iteration of Madden.

    As for the changes to the Madden NFL 22 franchise, fans can look forward to improvements in coaching and staff management, enhanced scouts, updates to team chemistry models, new uniforms and names, and looks more. In the update, EA reiterated that Madden is a live service game, which is why MUT is so popular in Madden. The franchise model is not suitable for the same field, which may be why some fans like Cheap Madden 21 Coins
    MUT 21 Coins so much, and why such a rogue prevents the development team from getting the same love.

    For developers, it is unprecedented to highlight all the great achievements that a game that will be released a year later, rather than a game that will be released only a few weeks later. The danger of emphasizing how great next year's "Maddy" is to understate the film's outstanding performance. From a marketing perspective, the goal should always be to make this latest and most available version as attractive as possible. Perhaps this is another move taken by EA, one of the most hated companies in the United States, to build more goodwill with fans.

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