Path of Exile: Harvest-This is a partial description

  • "Grinding Gear Games" let CBR watch "Path of Exile: Harvest". This is our understanding of the expansion pack.

    The "Diablo" series is an action role-playing game closely related to the "Diablo" series. It is a spell and chaotic event that has been running since 2013. The latest extension of "Diablo" in June has been released, "Harvest", which will bring new content POE Currency for a long time.

    Developer Grinding Gear Games gave CBR the opportunity to participate in the 30-minute preview of the upcoming Harvest expansion hosted by managing director Chris Wilson, which was rewarded during the preview.

    Similar to the seasons, "Path of Exile" has "allies", which are different worlds for playing games. These have been updated regularly, providing players with new opportunities to adapt to the game. However, there are also temporary versions of these called Challenge Leagues, which allow players to start from the beginning and make their role important to the permanent alliances that follow. The harvest is one of those challenge alliances, it will contain new content and will improve different areas of the game.

    The development of the alliance occurred during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Wilson pointed out that this has caused difficulties for the team, but now, the suspension period of "Grinding Gear Games" origin from New Zealand has ended and the staff can complete production on Harvest.

    Path of Exile: Harvest will launch a new NPC called Oshabi. Because of her interest in nature and land, Azmeri abandoned Oshabi, the guardian of the Sacred Grove, a garden created by an ancient race. In Harvest, Oshabi helps her complete the nominal exile mission in the game by planting groves with seeds.

    Therefore, players will venture into the world, collect seed storage and return to the magic forest area, and Buy POE Currency will plant them around the life force collectors, the purpose is to make more items to assist the task. Each region will have a different seed cache. After opening one of the caches, Oshabi seems to create a portal for players through which they can return to the sacred jungle.

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