Old School Runescape: the latest update A Porcine of Interest

  • The A Porcine of Interest is a mission designed to introduce the slayer skills to the player. It adds a new killer master Spria and a new monster Sourhog to the game.

    Slayer released a new task this week to introduce this skill to novices, which attracted everyone's attention. Are you ready to track the A Porcine of Interest?

    For novices, there is no skill requirement to start A Porcine of Interest, but you need to be a member. First, just stroll through the town bulletin board in Drano and you will find that Sarah the farmer needs the help of an adventurer.

    After completing A Porcine of Interest, you will meet the new Slayer monster Sourhog. It is level 37, stabbing and ranged weapons are very weak, so you need to use new goggles to fight it. If you need to Buy OSRS GP and you go to rsgoldb2c.com for consultation. After killing Sourhog, please use a knife or machete to get Sourhog's feet, which will serve as evidence for you to collect Sarah's bounty. If you don't have a knife or sharp weapon, you can use the bronze scimitar generated near the skeleton at the end of the cave.

    You will also meet Spria, a new low-level killer master living in Draynor Village. She is happy to share her knowledge and experience, so if you plan to master Slayer skills, it will be a great first stop.

    Back to Sarah, she will give you 5,000 OSRS GP as a reward and tell you a strange woman came to the hood to ask her about her work. The woman she was referring to was Spria, and when you received the bounty, she was told to return.

    A Porcine of Interest reward

        1 Quest points Quest point
        5,000 coins
        Slayer 1,000 Slayer experience
        30 Slayer reward points

(200 symbols max)

(256 symbols max)